Green Square at The Drum Business Jam Manchester: Surfing the Tsunami March 2017

Tony Walford was delighted to join The Drum Business Jam Manchester March event “Make profits, capture the latest creative trends and following on from Brexit”. Opportunities arise whenever change and uncertain economic times are afoot. Experience has shown that in times such as these there are two types of agency: the quick and the dead. […]

Elite Dinner The Drum Network and Green Square February 2017

Green Square were delighted to be associated with The Drum Network’s Elite Members dinner where marketing and media industry leading lights and experts discussed the current economic challenges and Brexit’s potential impact on the Global M&A landscape. An excellent time was had by all. If you would like to know more about the evening or […]

Green Square at The Drum Business Jam: The Art of Agency Leadership October 2016

Barry Dudley was delighted to appear as a panelist for The Drum Network Business Jam focusing on the art of agency leadership in London on 25th October. Discussion centereed around what does a great agency leader look, act and sound like, how should they recognise and pursue opportunities that are good for their staff and […]