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DateVendorSectorSpecialismAcquirerFurther Info
November 2020Redhouse (UK)DesignCreative design agencyDefinition (UK)More Info
November 2020CrowdDNA (UK)Market researchCultural insights and strategy consultancySTRAT7 (UK)More Info
November 2020ECS Europe (UK)DigitalDigital transformation consultancyGlobalLogic (US)More Info
November 2020Mango Solutions (UK)DataData science consultancyAscent Software (UK)More Info
November 2020TRM Partners (UK)Sports marketingSports rights salesTwo Circles (UK)More Info
November 2020Visualsoft (UK)Digitale-commerceLivingbridge PE (UK)More Info
November 2020Two Labs (US)Healthcare CommunicationsMarket access and strategic consultingEnvision Pharma (UK)More Info

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