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DateVendorSectorSpecialismAcquirerFurther Info
September 2020CrowdLab (UK)Market researchDigital ethnographyDynata (US)More Info
September 2020Oakhill Communications (UK)PRPublic AffairsSard Verbinnen (US)More Info
September 2020Difrent (UK)DigitalHealthcare Digital TransformationThe Panoply plc (UK)More Info
September 2020FLG Business Technology (UK)CRM- Clear Course Partnership (UK)More Info
September 2020Be Heard plc (UK)Digital-MSQ (UK)More Info
September 2020Mach49 (US)ConsultancyGrowth IncubatorNext Fifteen plc (UK)More Info
August 2020Brightblue Consulting (UK)DataAnalytics & measurement consultingS4 Capital plc (UK)More Info

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