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DateVendorSectorSpecialismAcquirerFurther Info
November 2023Corner Shop PR (UK)PRArtsPremier PR (UK)More Info
November 2023CustomerKind (UK)Customer Engagement-Edit (The Salocin Group) (UK)More Info
November 2023MCG (UK)PR-PHA Group (UK)More Info
November 2023Cyberduck (UK)Digital Transformation-CACI (US)More Info
October 2023Cloudfy (UK)B2Be-commerceNext15 (Brandwidth) (UK)More Info
October 2023Williams CommerceB2Be-commerceNext15 (Brandwidth) (UK)More Info
October 2023Lawless StudioPRVisual ArtFreuds Group (UK)More Info

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