Green Square at The Drum Business Jam: The Art of Agency Leadership October 2016

31st October 2016

Barry Dudley was delighted to appear as a panelist for The Drum Network Business Jam focusing on the art of agency leadership in London on 25th October.

Discussion centereed around what does a great agency leader look, act and sound like, how should they recognise and pursue opportunities that are good for their staff and their business, and what skills and qualities must they display. This alongside review of what is the expected way to face and react to business setbacks, made for lively and informed debate.

The afternoon explored the qualites common to inspired leaders. They might run the largest and best known agency group, but should all ambitious agency owners lead like WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell? Some may feel that his leadership is the antithesis of being a great leader. Leadership is a broad church and what works for one will not work for the other. We focused on business leadership in its broadest form, hearing from recognised leadership experts and those who are at the coal face leading growing agencies in today’s economy.

A fantastic turnout of influential agency guests ensured the afternoon was a great success.