The power of just one: how simplification may be paying off for one holding group

What do you do if your industry is, if not in crisis, facing a period of unprecedented disruption and uncertain growth prospects? You need to sit down and make a plan. And preferably sit down and make it early. Agency network Publicis last week won acclaim from commentators and investors when it unveiled a wide-ranging […]

Blockchain: the answer to programmatic advertising’s woes

  Following on from our article on media’s perfect storm, we’ve been asked by a couple of clients what we think about blockchain. Is it the answer to the problems posed by programmatic advertising and the perils of automatic ad placements? The advantage a blockchain has is that it’s very secure, and that records cannot […]

The perfect storm that’s blowing up in media

Talk to someone outside of our industry – a ‘lay person’, if you like – about marcomms, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to explain to them what advertising is. In advanced economies like those in the west – as well as developing ones elsewhere – advertising is ubiquitous. It’s an engine of modern […]

Despite Trump, Iran remains an exciting proposition for the marcomms industry

Back in late 2008/early 2009, there was a good deal of optimism in America and much of the developed world; surprising really, given that we’d just suffered the worst financial meltdown in more than 80 years. The reason for that optimism was, of course, the election of a new US president. Barack Obama wasn’t just […]

Why this digital age calls for analogue agencies

It’s pretty much a given that we now live in a digital age: our consumption – including consumption of marketing messages, music, movies, software – is driven by the net, by mobile devices and the like. Physical media, linear TV and permanent ownership have been replaced by subscriptions, streaming, catch-up services and cloud-based models. But […]