Green Square Consultancy

4th April 2023

In response to being regularly requested by clients to provide services outside our core M&A remit, we are delighted to announce the launch of Green Square’s Trusted Counsel, previously known as our Advisory Board. We have refreshed the offering to broaden its scope and purpose, as well as the range of partners we work with, to ensure we support our clients at every step of their journey.

Having owned, built and sold agencies ourselves, the Partners of Green Square understand that Business leaders need confidential guidance, support and focused inspiration. Someone to brainstorm and plan with, but also be challenged by. A place where they can get independent and experienced input to some of the tough decisions and strategies that determine their company’s future. By partnering with someone who ‘gets it’, an owner is less likely to miss opportunities or simply waste time going round in circles.

As you know, we don’t do anything half-baked, and are proud to have a assembled a cadre of very talented and experienced Trusted Counsellors who provide a range of advisory, coaching, consultancy and non-exec services to agency leaders and their teams. These folk are expert in helping people overcome challenges and driving businesses forwards.

At Green Square we’re all about integrity. Every situation is different and we will only introduce members of our Trusted Counsel on the basis of them being the right person for the role and, of course, excellent chemistry. The work our team undertake is highly personal and the word ‘counsel’ has been chosen on purpose.

There is no one size fits all and every situation requires a bespoke approach. Engagements can either be on an ad-hoc or an ongoing basis, completely dependent on client need. The nature of assignments differs – sometimes it may be an offsite workshop day, other times one-to-one coaching or a bespoke desk exercise.

We know our Trusted Counsellors well. Many of them are former clients or people we’ve worked alongside. They have a wealth of experience in scaling businesses for sale. We regularly meet and share knowledge, so we understand their style and approach to help ensure introductions are considered and beneficial to all parties.

Our Consultancy offering complements Green Square’s core service as specialist M&A Advisers for the media and marketing industry. So, no matter where you are on the journey of building your business, Green Square can now support you to achieve maximum value when the time is right.