Green Square Deal Monitor

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DateVendorSectorSpecialismAcquirerFurther Info
October 2019Happen (UK)Innovation consulting-Accenture (US)More Info
October 2019Carve Consulting (UK)DigitalSocial TMP/AIA Worldwide (US)More Info
October 2019Decidedly (UK)Market research-Populus (UK)More Info
October 2019Firewood (US)Digital-S4 Capital plc (UK)More Info
October 2019Serum Consulting (UK)Creative Growth and proposition developmentAnalogFolk (UK)More Info
October 2019EdComs (UK)PREducationEVERFI (US)More Info
October 2019Pulsar (UK)Market researchSocial intelligence platformAccess Intelligence (UK)More Info
October 2019Creston US Holdings (US)MarketingHealthcare communicationsNext Fifteen plc (UK)More Info
October 2019SuccessFlow (UK)DigitalMartechYouwe (NL)More Info
September 2019Red Squirrel Communications (UK)PRHealthcare communicationsFreshwater (UK)More Info
September 2019Healthcare 21 (UK)PRHealthcare communicationsLucid Group (UK)More Info
September 2019Saltare Consulting (UK)DataBusiness intelligenceAcrotrend (UK)More Info
August 2019Wired Plus (UK)DigitalMarketing automation technologyIDHL Group (UK)More Info
August 20192e Creative (US)AdvertisingHealthcare communicationsFishawack (UK)More Info
August 2019ComRes (UK)Market researchPublic policy and reputation strategyNext Fifteen plc (via Savanta) (UK)More Info
July 2019Kantar (UK)Market research-Bain Capital (US)More Info
July 2019Capella (UK)PRTechnologyPAN Communications (US)More Info
July 2019Join The Dots (UK)Market researchOnline community researchInSites NV (BE)More Info
June 2019MJD Interactive (US)Digital-Valtech (UK)More Info
June 2019re:production (UK)Advertising-Dentsu Aegis (UK)More Info
June 2019BizTech (Aus)DigitalCustomer EngagementS4Capital (UK)More Info
June 2019SmartFocus (UK)DigitalE-Mail MarketingACTITO (BE)More Info
May 2019ORM/Celerity (UK)Digital-Paragon Group (UK)More Info
May 2019Kyne Communications (US)Healthcare Comms-Huntsworth plc (UK)More Info
May 2019Graft Services (UK)Digital-Paragon Group (UK)More Info
May 2019Incisive Health (UK)PRHealthcareUDG Healthcare plc (UK)More Info
May 2019MSQ Partners (UK)Integrated-LDC PE (UK)More Info
May 2019Quill (UK)Digital-Webedia (FR)More Info
May 2019Beaver Group (UK)DigitalExperiential/EventsTrison Group (ES)More Info
May 2019Voluntas (UK)Market Research-IFF Research (UK)More Info
April 2019Latitude (UK)DigitalSearch MarketingJellyfish (UK)More Info
April 2019DirectionGroup (UK)Integrated-Unlimited Group (UK)More Info
April 2019Hanover (UK)PR-Avenir Global (CA)More Info
March 2019Sepia (UK)PR-OutCast (US)More Info
March 2019Qriously (UK)Market Research-Brandwatch (UK)More Info
March 2019Dudnyk (US)Healthcare Comms-Fishawack (UK)More Info
March 2019Model Citizens (UK)Data-Unlimited Group (UK)More Info
March 2019?WhatIf! (UK)Market Research-Accenture (UK)More Info
February 2019BJM (UK)Integrated-Dentsu Aegis (UK)More Info
February 2019Bluedog (UK)Digital-Lucid Group (UK)More Info
February 2019Moorgate Communications (UK)PR-Finn Partners (US)More Info
February 2019JJ Marketing (UK)Integrated-Gravity Global (UK)More Info
February 2019Intermarket (US)PR-Lansons (UK)More Info
January 2019Planning-Inc (UK)Data-Next Fifteen plc (UK)More Info
January 2019Vincent Consulting (UK)Market Research-The Student Room (UK)More Info
January 2019Brandworks Consultancy (NL)Integrated-The Big Group (UK)More Info
January 2019Moov2 (UK)Digital-Etch Group (UK)More Info
January 2019NC Creative (UK)Integrated-Cogent Elliott (UK)More Info
January 2019LiberoNet (UK)Digital-Ixis (UK)More Info
January 2019Gravity Thinking (UK)Digital-Vivaldi (US)More Info
January 2019Inside Ideas Group (UK)Integrated-You & Mr Jones (UK)More Info
January 2019HCL Marketing (UK)Integrated-MyCleverGroup (UK)More Info