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DateVendorSectorSpecialismAcquirerFurther Info
August 2017 Eye Airports (UK) Advertising - MBO Click here
August 2017 mplsystems (UK) Digital Field IFS (Sweden) Click here
August 2017 Optimisa Research (UK) Market Research - PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK) Click here
August 2017 Brand Learning (UK) Channel Marketing - Accenture (UK) Click here
August 2017 Brilliant Basics (UK) Digital Customer Engagement Infosys (India) Click here
August 2017 SportBusiness Group (UK) Sports Marketing - Silva International Investments (UK) Click here
August 2017 Saville Rossiter-Base (UK) Market Research - Critical Research (UK) Click here
August 2017 hug digital (UAE) Digital - Grey Group - WPP (UK) Click here
July 2017 The Creative Engagement Group (UK) Channel Marketing Experiential/Events Huntsworth (UK) Click here
July 2017 Atomhawk Design (UK) Design - Sumo Digital (UK) Click here
July 2017 Carling Communications (US) Healthcare Comms - Fishawack (UK) Click here
July 2017 Aquila Insight (UK) Data Data Analytics Merkle (US) Click here
July 2017 Hamilton Bright Group (Netherlands) Channel Marketing Customer Behaviour Advantage Smollan (UK) Click here
July 2017 SO What Global (UK) Healthcare Comms - Havas (France) Click here
July 2017 Syngro (UK) Digital Customer Behaviour Maru Group (UK) Click here
July 2017 Velocity Partners (UK) Digital - Next Fifteen (UK) Click here
July 2017 Tartan Group (Canada) Digital - Beattie Communications (UK) Click here
July 2017 The Experience Engine (US) Digital Customer Engagement Accesso Technology Group (UK) Click here
July 2017 Circle Research (UK) Market Research - Next Fifteen (UK) Click here
July 2017 Market Makers (UK) Channel Marketing - Centaur Media (UK) Click here

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