Green Square provides corporate finance advice to the shareholders of independent media and marketing communications businesses. We typically advise businesses with enterprise values ranging from £10m to £50m. Specifically, our M&A focus is on the following transaction scenarios:
  • Trade sales
  • Private equity backed disposals
  • Management buy-outs
We act predominantly for vendors so our ability to give independent advice is never compromised. Our remuneration structure is designed such that we are fully motivated to drive the most rewarding deal for shareholders.
We have strong M&A experience, having advised on numerous successful transactions, which gives us a rounded understanding of what makes a business an attractive investment opportunity and how best to structure and negotiate the optimal transaction.
Our exclusive focus on the media and marketing communications sector means we have an excellent knowledge of the global buyer landscape, both from previous transactions and from our ongoing research and networking.


Commercial Review

Our Commercial Review is an objective assessment of a business from an acquirer’s viewpoint. Applying our extensive experience of how acquirers evaluate opportunities, we identify areas where a business excels and elements that need improvement. We then assist the management team to build on the former and develop a plan to address the latter.

The program consists of one-to-one interviews with the shareholders and management, a detailed review of key relevant information together with an assessment of key value drivers, the output being a presentation and roadmap to maximise value.

An external perspective can be invaluable in directing attention onto the key issues that concern acquirers, aside from the everyday matters that absorb the team. It can also help ensure that all the team are pulling in the same direction.

Ascension Day

Effectively a 'Commercial Review Lite’, this program involves a desktop review of relevant information requested by Green Square followed by a one-day offsite workshop with the client. The workshop consists of a presentation of Green Square’s findings, which are then supplemented by discussions with the management and shareholders along the lines of the value drivers inherent in the Commercial Review.  


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