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DateVendorSectorSpecialismAcquirerFurther Info
September 2018 Brand View (UK) Market Research - Ascential plc (UK) Click here
September 2018 Capital City Media (UK) Media - MRM (UK) Click here
September 2018 2Sales International (Luxembourg) Digital - Wunderman (UK) Click here
September 2018 Onechocolate Communications (UK) PR - Allison + Partners (US) Click here
September 2018 Firstlight - Healthcare team (UK) Healthcare Comms - Cello Health (UK) Click here
September 2018 inconvo (UK) Digital Social Media Monitoring YouGov (UK) Click here
August 2018 DRSMedia (US) PR - Clarity PR Click here
August 2018 Grifco PR/Ophir PR (UK) PR - MMGY Global (US) Click here
August 2018 Six Degrees (UK) PR - TopLine Comms (UK) Click here
August 2018 Connect Advertising (UK) Integrated - Inspired Thinking Group (UK) Click here
August 2018 MRE Media (UK) Digital Search Marketing Journey Further (UK) Click here
July 2018 Arkenford (UK) Market Research - The Nursery (UK) Click here
July 2018 Nexus Engage (UK) Sales Promotion Experiential/Events Nearbuy Group (Dubai) Click here
July 2018 Impact Mobile (CAN) Digital Mobile Marketing IMI Mobile (UK) Click here
July 2018 Excelerated Applications (UK) Sales Promotion Experiential/Events Crowd Reactive (UK) Click here
July 2018 Technical Associates Group (UK) PR - Next Fifteen plc (UK) Click here
July 2018 Ideal Insight (UK) Design - MMR Research (UK) Click here
July 2018 That Lot (UK) PR Social Media Weber Shandwick (UK) Click here
July 2018 Ernest Studio (UK) Media - Working Word PR (UK) Click here
July 2018 Webcredible (UK) Digital User Experience Inviqa (UK) Click here

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